Yahoo's Time Capsule

I recently put my own picture and a little bit of myself in here. I don't know why I did it. It may possibly be because I am so full of myself it's not even funny.

Or maybe I just want to be remembered.

The Buddhist part of me wants to throw back my head and laugh. How funny, a time capsule! If only everyone realized that life is so fleeting, so small that putting a picture in a tucked away place will not keep me alive. I am sure in my next lifetime I will put another picture up.

I surely wasn't in a Buddhist state of mind when I clicked on that link! ^^


I just read this earlier and couldn't believe it. We have people like this in our neighborhoods?! I can't imagine someone could be so sick. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to lock my kids inside all day if we ever have any.

Grisly New Orleans Murder/Suicide


Is it possible or even reasonable to live your life according to the list of things you want to do before you die that you concocted some odd years ago?

I've been watching those Atlas shows on places like China and Brazil and it's really got me to thinking. What exactly am I living my life for these days? School? My husband? What if I changed all that and decided to do everything possible to make some of my dreams come true (like visit India and the Bodhi tree Buddha sat under or reveal my butt on a beach in Rio)?

Is that selfish?

Personally I think it's a shame to not do something you have dreamed of because of someone elses needs. I'm a firm believer in the fact that sometimes you just have to do things to profit yourself. What's a life if you don't even realize you have dreams?!


Thirteen Things that dumbfounded Starlight143 this week!

1. Once again Savannah drivers! You people are the worst ever and all of the tourists that come here are even worse than the you!

2. Who knew having an hour long dinner with some close friends could completely revive a drained spirit? Only bad thing is that I skipped class to do it! I'm sooo perfectly evil! ^^

3. How could Project Runway pick Jeffrey (spelling?)?! Sure his clothes are fantastic but as a modern woman myself I would be more likely to wear Uli's clothes. Jeffreys might have to wait until Halloween!

4. Speaking of Halloween, in the three years I have lived here in spooky ol' Savannah, I have not seen a single trick or treater. I understand that may be because I live in an apartment but honestly I've never even seen one haunting (you love that don't ya?) for candy on the street my complex is off of! I should be happy that I don't have to buy bags of candy or deal with brats but, as a one time professional trick or treater, I couldn't wait to be the one handing out the candy...Maybe when we get transferred it will be different.

5. Gasoline prices are scaring me also (but in a good way). Here's hoping they stay that low!

6. By Golly, I'm doing super in math and I am actually understanding everything though I had a tiff with the teacher. It was a lot of she said, I said junk. I got a problem she put on the board right but when she came around she said I didn't do it like she preferred to do it so she marked it wrong. Such bulls**t I swear...

7. I got a 94.5% on my Business Law exam. Not perfect but that's not bad for only spending 20 minutes studying! ^^

8. Who knew that organic food could be sooo good? Mellow Mushroom, I am yours for life! Well, just as long as you keep those pretzels coming!

9. As a seriously shy person, I am so happy to have already made a number of friends in school. My biggest achievement was definitely making friends with what seemed to be the popular people in my Business Law class though I don't see myself spending too much time with them since all they do is go to bars.

10. I never realized I was becoming such a cutie. The DH told me at lunch today that one of our rescue swimmer buddies told him that I was really beautiful and that I should be one of those phone operators...I think you know which one's I mean! Then again I don't know if that's a compliment...Ah, who cares! A rescue swimmer said I was beautfiful!

11. Now this may make me sound like a total loser but the way I put my makeup on this morning made my face look so perfect, like something out of a magazine. I could get used to looking like that everyday!

12. A whole blog devoted to make-up (especially MAC make-up) ?! I AM SO THERE!

13. I recently ordered $150 worth of sweaters for the winter (as a California transplant in Georgia, even after 3 years, I have yet to build up my winter wardrobe. I ordered my regular size but when I got my package, I had to send them all back! They were all 2-3 sizes too big! I amaze myself I swear...Now I just have to find a way not to freeze my butt off while I wait for my exchanges!
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A Little About Myself!

I found this crazy idea on someone elses blog and thought I would repeat it here. Feel free to post your own version for this. Basically, you type in your name (fave food, homestate etc) into Google Images and you're supposed to use the first one that pops up (or be like me and use the one that doesn't suck the most ^^). So here's my list!

My name is Kristen...
I live in Savannah, Georgia...
I love Unwritten law....
I drink a lot of Sprite...
I love the smell of the ocean...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my flip flops...
And I also love fish tacos...


Give me a break!

Okay, not to sound mean or racist or anything but I have finally gathered evidence on how terrible Savannah is. On the way home from the Army base tonight, my husband and I thought it was strange how we were encountering such a high level of junk in the street (over the course of a couple of miles we saw a city trash can, a metal sign post and a grocery cart) only to run into a group of wannabe badass kids throwing crap into the street. Do I have to mention exactly what race they were? Honestly how stupid can these kids be, tossing things like that into a street with a pretty high speed limit! Then, as white people, we can't yell at them because we hold the black people down. I mean, those kids could be working at jobs or actually doing some homework but no, they're all wandering around at 10:30 at night not a care in the world. Where the hell are their parents? Would they even car if someone had a car wreck because of their stupid actions? What if someone who worked hard was driving home in a car they worked hard for only to ruin it by running into a trash can at 50 mph? I doubt they would shed a tear.

Don't get me wrong.

I love black people. My friends at school are all black. I share my sociology book with a black guy in the Army National Guard. I respect my teachers and happen to really like my sociology teacher, who happens to be black. I just don't understand why these kids are so damn bad?!

It must be the rappers talking about the only way to be cool is to have dreadlocks or to have gold teeth or to put ugly ass rims on a piece of shit car. Whatever happened to being cool because you were making something of yourself? Why not go to college instead of shooting people? They can't say they can't afford it though because everyone of my friends in class is on financial aid and it's paying for everything. So if I haven't made it obvious by now, I only feel bad for the people who might get hurt tonight....


To The Beach!

I went to the beach today but before I left I had an amazing idea: Why don't I take everyone with me!! No this isn't something reminescent of some terrible clown car ride...It's me, actually driving to the beach. Sorry that there isn't any sound but at least you can hear me flip flopping around. The funny part is that the editing I did (which definitely isn't great) makes it seem like it takes a long time to get to the beach from my house when it only takes 10 minutes or so.


Have a great day at the beach! ^^